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11 ways to raise a Denver Bronco fan

“Pour Me Some Wine: A Toast to the Mama Sisterhood” co-written by Leah Speer and Trina Epp. 

I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado to two die-hard Denver Bronco fans. Fifteen years ago, I met a Denver fan in La Jolla, California. Together, we procreated and are charged with the honorable duty to raise three loyal Denver Bronco fans. Here are just some of the factors that are helping us in raising Denver Bronco fans.

Birth Rights

Have grandparents who are devoted, yell-at-the-television Denver Bronco fans circa the John Elway years.


Have a mother who was born in Colorado to above-mentioned Bronco fans.

Have a father who has been a lifelong fan, so much so he once cried as a little boy when Denver lost a super bowl.


Start them out from birth in an adorable Denver Broncos jersey onesie.


As they grow, make sure they have t-shirts, jerseys, jackets, hats, ribbons, and bows, etc. to show off their team allegiance. (This is needed several times a year during school spirit weeks!)


If you have a daughter, mention over and over again how wonderful it’d be if she married a man as good looking and talented as the current Denver Broncos quarterback.

If you have a son, mention how wonderful it’d be for him to be on the team so his parents and grandparents can proudly watch him play for their all-time favorite team.

Dress them as a Denver Broncos football player or cheerleader for Halloween.

Family Bonding

Make it a family affair. If the Broncos are playing, let them stay up to watch the game with you. Teach them all about the game and don’t be afraid if you scare the baby when you scream out “Run! Catch the ball!” – it’s all part of the initiation.


The family who cheers on their favorite football team together enjoy moments filled with laughter, camaraderie and good food. Can’t beat this form of family gatherings!


And, play a little backyard football with them and just really enjoy your time together and cherish your Bronco family.

Trina and I toast you for raising a Denver Broncos fan!  We’re excited about today’s game and many more Super Bowl days in the future with our #1 team!!


Leah – Denver Broncos fan since 1976

For a wine pairing for parenthood, stories moms can relate to―driving home the beauty that you’re not alone in this crazy world of motherhood with the added bonus of wine pairings—check out “Pour Me Some Wine: A Toast to the Mama Sisterhood” co-written by Leah Speer and Trina Epp. 






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