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A Mothers Intuition

I believe we all as mother’s have a little bit of a mother’s intuition.  We all get gut feelings if you will, those teeny little inner voices that tell us when something is wrong or off in a situation. 
I was invited recently to speak at a Mother’s of Preschoolers monthly meeting in regards to our book and blog.  I was super excited, as that is so right up my alley.  I love groups, I love talking, and well…I really love our book and blog. 
In preparation to do so, I was making notes on a speech, printing off business cards with our website info on it, among other things.  I remember a fleeting thought of- what happens if I am not able to go to this for some reason?  What would cause me to miss this?  Then  I had this terrible flash of me having to call the meeting coordinator, Amanda, to inform her I couldn’t come because I had to take my child to the hospital.  Because I frequently have irrational thoughts, I brushed this off as another one and moved on in preparation of my meeting.
Because we’d had a late night the night before, I stopped by Starbucks for a few moments of peace and quiet to go through my key notes and unwind.  While there, I got a panicked call from my husband, followed by a string of explicit words.  Because my husband rarely cusses, I was immediately alarmed.
“What is going on?” I yelled as I could hear one of my children crying in the background.
“We are going back to the F***ing hospital!” He yelled in my ear (we’ve been to the ER a few times between both our kiddos).
So, there I was, calling Amanda letting her know I was heading to the ER rather than coming to the meeting…and we would reschedule later.  I felt a little déjà vu, like…hello.  This was so my vision I had!
I truly believe God sends us messages in whichever way it is that you communicate with him.  Sound weird?  Maybe…some people claim they actually talk to God.  While I don’t have conversations such as; Hello God, how are you today.  Oh you are great?  Me too! I do feel I communicate through praying or feelings or thoughts with him. 
However, I didn’t feel this required a calling from God.  You see we headed to the ER with a less-than-concerned five-year-old who had a small gash on her chin.  It was a few hours and she was all glued up and ready to go home.  Not quite what I would consider an example of where I would need God’s immediate and distressed warning.
Thus my conclusion is…I feel as mom’s we are just equipped with what’s simply called a mother’s instinct.  Think that guy at the grocery store looks creepy?   He probably is…stay away.  Concerned about the hairs standing on the back of your neck as you cross a dark, abandoned street?  You probably should be.  So while I doubt I will be cancelling all plans the next time I have one of my “visions”…I doubt I’ll be dismissing them quite so quickly. ~Trina

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