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About The Anti-Chicken Fingers Movement

The Anti-Chicken Fingers Movement

We love to cook! That is one of the first things that we found out we had in common, besides our passion for writing—and of course…wine! So when we started our blog, we knew recipes had to be an integral ingredient.

We’ll share with you our culinary adventures of family-friendly recipes, healthy fare, and those dishes you may not be able to convince your husbands and kids to eat, but you’ll adore! After all, you can’t take care of your family until you take care of you! 😉 We’ll even take the liberty of including an appropriate wine pairing…after all, we are all about giving moms more reasons to enjoy their wine!

Our goal is to inspire moms to unleash the chef inside them, as well as share in our cooking adventures along the way. Our eclectic tastes will provide you with a range of recipes that you’ll enjoy making and sharing with your loved ones. From slow cooker meals to the more involved, sweet treats or even savory breakfasts; and of course—you don’t want to miss our Holiday Recipe Spectacular!

Got a favorite dish? Just found a new recipe that was a hit in your home? Please share them with us and we’ll prepare them and post.