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Barefoot Wine - Prosecco Review - Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

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Barefoot Wine – Prosecco Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission–no cost to you–if you purchase something through the links provided. We only recommend products and services we trust and find truly fabulous. Learn more here.

When Barefoot Wines approached us to write a review on their Prosecco; we were immediately excited.  Barefoot?  Hello, we love all their wines.  We hadn’t tried the Prosecco yet, so we were definitely game.

We got our bottle in a perfectly bubbled and protected package…almost too flawless to penetrate. But, mind you – being the seasoned wine drinkers we are; we had to oblige…

The million dollar question always is the same: what makes a wine worth buying?  What make a wine good or, even better, great?

To us, wine is deeper than that first sip; it’s so much more than that first smell, (the one we all as pretend wine-connoisseurs do)-the swivel of the cup; the closing of the eyes…the flare of the nostrils. Let me be honest; as moms…we don’t have time for all of that.

Women make up a gigantic part of the wine market: 58.1%* to be quite frank.  It’s not a number to be balked at.  So you can tell your sommelier this little piece of advice (while also saying we respect them and their professional feedback…) as moms we don’t care if the wine costs $5 or $15.  Anything above $15 you’ve lost the average, everyday mom and more importantly; your largest group of buyers.

We would never insult our (as we’re included in this group), intelligence by saying that we don’t care about aroma or food pairing.  As moms; we have to say that these things sound amazing.  We can also say that they aren’t always reasonable.  If we have the few minutes it requires to smell and taste test a wine; we’d also say we have time for a much needed bubble bath…alone in silence if we may, thank you (also hopefully paired with said wine). In that case, we say we’ll take a whole case.

All joking aside, we do a lot of wine reviews.  Trina has learned that while she enjoys a tart, cool white over a complex, earthy red…she actually prefers a sweet, mild red over a bitter white.  Leah, on the other hand, will opt for a classic Cabernet, full of tannins and wood flavors over the aromatic flavors of a sweet Riesling. Ultimately, wine is the essential essence of all life’s anomaly’s my friends.

We each popped our bottle open like we do any sparkling wine; with a rag and a bicep willing to take on the strength required in the uncorking process. A mom on a mission; in need of a promised glass of relaxation and deliciousness.

Being the diligent reviewer that Trina is…she took photos. She claims to suck at photography – but tried to bring to light the beauty of this bottle of wine in the best light possible.

The wine itself? Fresh, bubbly, and the perfect mix of sweet.  The smell is new; not old or even expected.  This bubbly fresh experience of Barefoot could make the perfect mimosa. With its fresh, crisp and tart taste; it owns the sparkling wines market.

It tastes amazing, it’s affordable, and whether or not you choose to marry it with the right mixer; you have yourself a total winner. Best served chilled, Barefoot Prosecco has stolen the show and will win the heart of your friends and family just in time for the hot days of late Spring and summer.  Pair this Prosecco with summer salads, fresh fruits, or a warm evening’s refreshing strawberry shortcake.

Thank you Barefoot Wines for sharing your bubbly, sparkling, jewel with us. We have a new Saturday Mimosa go-to now and we thank you for that! Trina and Leah

For more information about Barefoot Wines, please go to: http://barefootwine.com/our-wines/bubbly-wines/prosecco

To see more about the wine, click here

*According to a 2011 report by The Beverage Information Group, which tracks the alcohol market.


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Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Recipes | Wine | Tips & Tricks | Camaraderie | #momlife