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Book Excerpt – Finding My Own Identity as a Mother


Reason #3: I finally figured out that I only have to be the mother I was made to be.

There’s definitely a level of perfection we must strive towards as mommies. There’s this quiet competition amongst us that we all know about…yet none of us actually talk about.

How much did Sam weigh at his nine-month check-up?Oh really? Brandon is at the top of the chart as far as height. He’s going to be so tall!

Sally’s talking?Well, Kara has been saying full sentences for about six months now! We work with her every night. Oh, and Bailey is reading at a second grade reading level, and she’s only five!

Reading it, you realize how ridiculous it sounds.  Yet, these are the conversations we have with one another every day. This, in turn, has us doing just about everything to ensure we aren’t the mothers with the children who’re left behind. I realized soon after having my first child that…(read more of this story in Must. Have. Wine. A Toast to Motherhood available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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