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Change is a good thing. You grow when you can change. Without change, you stay stagnant.

Change is a good thing

Whether it’s the brand of Pinot I’ve decided I love for the week, the latest trend of Maurices leggings, or the newest Starbucks iced drink; I get change.  I love change.

I am an advocate of change in general. It may be as simple as moving around the furniture in my living room.  Suddenly, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders like a new woman.  Even if it’s just the sofa and a few knick nacks; before I know it I have a whole, new room.  Or, it’s going shopping and adding a few new summer dresses to your warm-weather wardrobe; it almost adds a new pep to your step.  Equally as awesome; stopping at your local Target; or if your soul (and pocketbook) inclines, Bobby Brown, and purchasing a few new additives to make your face that much more amazing.

Your appearance and personal life are one thing.  What about when it’s work? A whole new admin online system? Wow…that’s serious talk there.  While it typically freaks out even those who welcome change; it’s also generally a plus.  As technology has tended to show is that with time, it improves.  So as much as the new learning and changes to workflow may suck; it actually has been proven to increase sales, profitability, etc.  Of course, depending on the system, etc.  We are obviously only talking about state of the art shit here folks…

So, we’ve covered home, clothing, work.  What about relationships? Boyfriends? Friends? This makes it all that much more complicated…

Life changes are always hard, even to those risk takers such as myself. I enjoy the thought of a new challenge all day long; I’m ready to take on something and prove to anyone that said I couldn’t do it-that I can.  However, it doesn’t mean that veering from the norm is easy.  That goes to say the same for relationships.

Boyfriends for example.  Whether it’s the significant other you’ve stayed with way too long simply because you’re comfortable…with time that person showed their true colors and rather than flee, you slowly accepted the person they were rather than uprooting your entire world. Or maybe it’s someone that you love and the situation suddenly changed within months.  It’s likely they pretended to be someone else entirely to begin with to win you over.  Or maybe it was perfect in the beginning and the chemistry between you changed for whatever reason as you got to know eachother better-and you weren’t expecting it.  You’d grown accustomed to how happy you were when it was the way it was.  No matter whether you are on the giving or receiving end of that message; it sucks. But, as we learn as life goes on; maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.  One door closes, and another – hopefully better, opens.  Stop standing in my doorway mother f’er if you’re just going to block traffic…just sayin…

I could venture into all the people who stay in unhappy marriages; solely because they are afraid to be alone-afraid of the change.  As much as some of us crave the excitement of something new…we all also slightly fear the scariness of the unknown; if not because of the fear to fail in this new, unexperienced arena; simply because we don’t know what to expect. While I’m a complete advocate and lover of the excitement of a new chapter and something different; I have to tell you another difficult avenue of change in relationships; friendships.

We all grow.  We all change with age, especially as women because we become who we are and are destined to be each year after age 25- at least I would argue.  We may start out as insecure; dependent females; but there are many of us that venture out on our own and not only gain our independence from our family, friends, men; and society’s take on us in general…but also just from life.  That’s a fine line to walk with your girlfriends; depending on who’s growing and changing; those bonds are either forming or being strained.

Again, I am all about change and know I’m not alone.  Not only that…but I am a staunch advocate of it if anything.  Change my workflow at work – I’m in.  As long as someone shows me how to operate things; which I’ll forget six times and ask someone to show me again.  If there’s a change in style in general; don’t worry.  I’ve missed it totally and hope that my beauty, grace, or charm because I have none of the before mentioned-saves my ass.  Change my schedule?  Cool, it needed to switch up anyway.  Change my boyfriend; depending on how much I’m invested; likely it’s tough for a hot minute before I realize how many fish are in the sea. Change my friends?  That is a much harder task.

Change is something that as scary as it may seem; is needed.  Whether it’s your mascara or your career…it’s a must-have in today’s world.  Welcome it my friends; because like it or not; it’s come to be something we’re forced to celebrate…and just like the change of tides; the change of life is a must.  It doesn’t mean you’ll forever honor that new Pinot…or that skinny jeans will forever be your fashion go-to.  It doesn’t mean that your new company workflow is going to kill you…or that the changes in the friendship you once counted on and treasured will mean only doom. It doesn’t mean the dude who pretended to be Mr. Right and then flaked out can’t quickly be replaced because he needed to be booted anyway.

Change only means new; a breath of fresh air; that soft dryer sheet that smells so amazing.  It’s the new smell of the car you’ve waited years to buy; it’s the sweater you paid a fortune for at Macy’s because the soft texture made you feel sexy and young.  It’s the light dew on your windshield when you are leaving for work after a cool morning.

It’s the symbolic remembering that change signifies a fresh start; something new. Embrace it.  Love it.  Because with change God promises us something new and better.  Every time we see a rainbow…we should be reminded of that.  Trina

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