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Happy Birthday, my 8-year-old - Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

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Happy Birthday, my 8-year-old



How did we get to eight so fast?

Somehow, it seems like he went from being a little 4-year-old to being a really big 8! Because 8 is huge, right?





I mean, at 7 he still seemed like a little boy. He was in 1st grade, just a step up from Kindergarten.

But, at 8…3rd grade is around the next corner. It’s wild how fast these years go!




I have tell you a little about Luke going into 8.

Luke has heart. He always has!

He is my caring, kind, well-mannered young man. 

He is the biggest brother. When one of his little brothers gets hurt, he is the first one to check on them. Just the other day, Zealand got a huge splinter. I mean, one that took time for dad to pull out. Luke was by his side every second, literally letting him squeeze his hand through the pain. Afterwards, he brought him some water and a blanket…even though it was a warm 70-something day. Blankets make everyone feel cozy and loved. Luke knows this.




For his “baby” brother Jack, he is quick to sing “Peek a boo, peek a boo, peek a boo POP!” – a song he made up when Jack was just born. Some 16 months later, Jack always cheers up when Luke sings his song. When Jack took his first steps, waved for the first time and had some other firsts, Luke is always there with a genuine smile, a high five and a squeal “Yay! Jack! That’s good!!” 




Luke adores school. He looks forward to going and comes home talking about everything from the girls who chased him at recess to his art & music class and his teacher who he thinks is utterly amazing! He loves his friends and that makes me so happy that he is able to make such great friends and that he is loyal.




He’s beginning to take interest in more grown up things like the election and has many questions about what he’s learning in school about the Civil War and Revolutionary War. He started watching a miniseries called “The Pacific” and while he watches the war scenes with wide eyes, he makes sure to mention several times that he will not be joining the military or fighting in any wars, but if he does, he chooses the Air Force or Navy….to fly or be captain of a ship.




Talking about what he’ll be doing when he grows up is nothing new to him. He was going to be a doctor at 2, a police officer at 3, a doctor again from 4-6 and a pilot for about 2 years now. His uncle Stephen inspired this dream and he isn’t quick to let it go. In fact, he’ll tell you that his favorite movie is no longer Titanic, but Sully. And in just a couple of weeks we’ll going to see the plane Chesley Sullenberger flew into the Hudson at a museum in Charlotte. In fact, just a few months ago he’s started setting us up on mock-flights. He’ll grab me, Zac, Zealand or grandma and grandpa and set us up on the couch or on a chair and call it “first class” on his flight. He then becomes a flight attendant and hands us blankets, drinks and our iPhones and makes sure we’re very comfortable. Once we are, he quickly becomes the pilot and announces our flight plan and lets us know when the fasten seatbelt lights are on and when we can move around the airplane. It’s one of the more relaxing games he’s ever come up with in his 8 years!




He loves to paint and whenever he gets upset, the first thing he does is run for his colored pencils and some paper to draw…it relaxes me, he’ll tell you. Luke can sing. He didn’t get this from me, that’s for sure. Maybe it has something to do with singing karaoke with grandma since he could talk, but this boy has got a voice! My future Harry Connick Jr.’s go-to is the theme from Titanic, of course. 

He loves tennis and golf…sort of, he says. He has recently shown an interest in baseball and we’ll give it a shot in the spring.




This boy is a saver. He saves every penny he gets. And that’s a good thing because he really wants to be rich. When he grows up, he wants to live in Grande Dunes. He wants to travel to L.A. and Vail and back to New York City!





This kid is something special!

Today is his 8th birthday. We were going to celebrate with a party at the playground…BUT….he’s sick! 🙁 Poor guy has been up all night, throwing up…headache and sore throat. Crying, “it’s not fair! Why on my birthday!”

No, it’s not fair sweet boy. But, we’ll make it up to you!  We’ll do a re-do birthday when you feel better.




Dad and I are so blessed to have this boy as our son.

Luke, we love you and we treasure you!  Happy birthday!!!


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