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Have You Told Them You Loved Them Today?

I’m lucky enough to have a talented friend who takes my family pictures…and I wanted to share a few of them with all of you.  Seeing them reminds of how incredibly lucky I am to have a healthy, happy, whole family.

I get so upset by researching and learning about what goes on in our world when it comes to our precious children; what we do to one another has human beings.  It breaks my heart to know that God gave us this beautiful planet, and all these different, unique people to inhabit it with…and yet we have so much strife, murder and pain.  We’ve invited the devil to play on God’s master piece of art, and now it’s his playground as well.  It’s depressing!

Although I can’t change all the bad, I can keep writing, keep trying to make people aware, and most importantly, be thankful for what I have.  A beautiful,  happy and healthy family.

I’m making sure to give everyone a kiss and a squeeze today…and let them know just how much I love them.  Have you told your loved ones today how much you love and appreciate them?  Today, don’t get caught up in what we can’t change.  Let’s celebrate in what we have!


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