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Baby eating plum pouch baby food.

What you can do now to help your baby love flavorful food

When my third son was born 10 months ago, I decided in advance to give him first foods with flavor and variety. Why? Because this is what a typical dinner conversation with my older kids sounds like:

Me: “What do you want for dinner?:

7-year-old: “A hamburger or Chick-fil-A.”

6-year-old: “Hot dog.”

Me: Sigh.

Of course, giving my toddler Jack the nutrition he needs is my first priority. But while I’m at it, why not start him out on foods that will make him a more adventurous eater?

Of course, doing that while still feeding my picky older boys is easier said than done. That’s why the Plum Organics pouches have been a godsend for us — I can make picky-kid-approved dinners and lunches for the big boys while at the same time introducing Jack to a wide range of flavors and food groups.


When we went to dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house last week, along with my mom’s Cajun chicken pasta, Jack devoured blueberry, banana, apple & sunflower seed butter with chia, one of the four pouches from Plum Organics’ Grow Well line designed to help babies (6+ months) with digestion, bone and muscle health. Boom. Got you covered, kid.


Meanwhile, my boys at the big kids’ table were whining about the chicken pasta in front of them. “How much do we have to eat? Can we just eat the pasta? Do we have to eat the chicken?” To which all four of the adults shout out, “You have to eat what was served to you!”

My dad, Grandpa Frank, is new to the idea of pouches, and slightly suspicious of them, asking “Why does Jack need to eat spinach with his raspberry and yogurt all together? Why wouldn’t he just have them in separate pouches?”

I explained that this way he gets a blend of flavors and his nutrition in one meal. When he eats the Plum Organics Second Blends Raspberry, Spinach, and Greek Yogurt he’s getting organic ingredients that will help support healthy development.

I explained that this way he gets a blend of flavors and his nutrition in one meal. When he eats a pouch like the Plum Organics Second Blends Raspberry, Spinach, and Greek Yogurt he’s getting organic ingredients that will help support healthy development.

There’s no way he’d eat all of those ingredients separately. But together in one tasty puree, he goes for it.


They’re a hit at play dates too, especially with moms who haven’t had babies in the last several years, who ask “Where were those when my kids were babies?”

When you don’t have time to try one of the 21 Best Easy as 1-2-3 DIY Baby Food Recipes, pouches are the way to go!

My husband and I have lived all over and enjoy a variety of cuisines. If I had tried harder to get our older boys to eat better, then maybe they wouldn’t be so picky now. But since we’ve incorporated exciting flavors into our baby’s world, we’ve made it a goal to get all of our kids on board for healthy foods with flavor.

adventurous eater

Last night when they walked in the door from riding bikes and asked, “What’s for dinner?”

I said with a smile, “Surprise! We’re having chicken korma with naan and mango chutney.”

Welcome to the new world of eating at our casa, my boys!

What tastes and flavors are you encouraging your little one to love?

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