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How you can choose happiness in your marriage right now

Written a few years back, but still applies today:

From Blog December 31, 2012

The stress on our marriage was almost unbearable. We had just made a move to a new city with a toddler and an infant, far from the help of our family and friends. I had quit my full-time job, leaving behind half of our income and a house we couldn’t sell. I felt overwhelmed. I had no idea where to turn to find balance and comfort in my life and my marriage.

A friend suggested I read Laura Munson’s “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is-A Season of Unlikely Happiness.” One fateful warm Charleston evening in late March 2011, with the windows finally opened allowing a warm breeze to dance past the curtains, I curled up with this book.

I couldn’t have known at that moment that this book would serve as my personal reference guide for one of the more challenging years of my life.  How could I know that highlighted passages from that first read would…

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