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Lose 15 lbs by New Years Eve!!! - Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Recipes | Wine | Tips & Tricks | Camaraderie | #momlife

a year from now you'll wish you had started today mommoisseurs weight loss

Lose 15 lbs by New Years Eve!!!

Let’s do the New Years Resolution backwards, y’all.

Instead of waiting for New Year’s Day to begin (that’s soo daunting!)…let’s kick ass and lose weight before the New Year even begins.


lose 15 lbs by new years day start now weight loss


How about that feeling of going into a new year, either at your goal or heading strong towards your goal? Rather than at the dreaded Day 1.

How about going out on New Year’s Eve feeling fabulous in a gorgeous new smaller dress.

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How about being surrounded by family and friends at Christmas feeling great and confident that you didn’t spend November and December grazing over bad-for-you food while sitting around binge watching Holiday movies waiting for this weight loss journey to begin.

Let’s do this!


Over the next 65 days, I will post something motivational geared towards weight loss. So many of you have written in excited about taking this journey with me since I started posting about weight loss a few weeks ago (I’ve lost 6 lbs since then!!!) and I want to keep y’all engaged!

Heck! I want to keep me engaged!

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So, here’s my weight loss ticker…I’ll post these on every single weight loss post until the glorious and beautiful 1st day of January 2017!  Please realize, beyond this 15, I’m still shooting for a grand total loss of 60 lbs by summer. So if you have more than 15 to lose, stick with me for the long haul! We’ve got this!

I’m better at these mini challenges, so this is a fun start.


LilySlim Weight charts

Today’s tip:  Drink More Water

Today’s tip seems so basic but is SO important and many of us tend to overlook the numerous benefits of drinking plenty of water each day—not only for weight loss, but so many other ways!

According to FitDay.com, “Drinking ice cold water first thing in the morning is an easy way to speed up your metabolism. Right when you wake up, drink a glass or two of cold water. Your body will have to warm up the water entering your system.” In the process, burning more calories and helping you to lose weight.

When I get in the habit of drinking water, it’s a no-brainer. But, I’ve been out of that habit since before my toddler was born and I have to get back into it. Downloading an app such as what I use, WaterTracker, or Waterlogged will help remind you to drink water throughout the day while tracking how much you’ve already have. 

The Institute of Medicine recommends that women get approximately 11 (8 oz.) cups of water per day. Have no fear…this doesn’t have to come in the form of just bottled water. You can meet this quota through milk, juice and sports drinks, as well as coffee and tea. And, according to WebMD parents, you may also find water in some fruits, veggies and oatmeal, yogurt, soup, and smoothies.

But, the info I really needed to read to convince me to drink up is that drinking more water may also reduce your belly bloat.  Um, hello!  An article on Livestrong.com explains, “As the fluids re-hydrate your body, your body learns it is no longer at risk of dehydration, so it will release the retained fluids, leading to reduced swelling.”

One final thought about drinking more water…it’ll make you happy! Feeling happy will inevitably lead you to make better choices and thus, be more conscious of your weight loss efforts.

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Today’s Activity (it sounds so much more lovely when you say something like activity versus task or job): Drink at least 8 (8 oz) cups of water!

Wine delivered to my front door? Oh please, tell me more!

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Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Recipes | Wine | Tips & Tricks | Camaraderie | #momlife