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Change your life to see what works best.

Make a change just to see what works for you

It’s weird to think nearly a year ago, I was quitting my job.  I was excited about new beginnings, and quite frankly, ecstatic to get a break from the craziness of writing a book, juggling children and family, and a full-time career.  The first few months I had to have a nap everyday; I thought at the time it was catching up from such an insane lifestyle.  Now I realize, it was because I’d simply traded one fast-paced lifestyle for another.

I think the highlights of this last year are easy to list; I got to spend a summer with my children- the first ever.  I didn’t have to fight over spring break or Christmas breaks off.  I went to every school party there was and Callie was ecstatic.  But among the excitement of change and new beginnings I also realized something else-I’m not someone who can be home all day long without socialization.  This was something that I knew was a possibility, (and others knew that know me well enough).  I found each day I had less and less time to write because I was doing more dishes, or laundry, or mopping.  I remembered the house cleaner I’d once had with a forlorn glance at the worn-out sponge…the one that had ruined my once perfectly manicured hands.  I looked at my computer differently because rather than fitting in a few wondrous hours of writing early in the morning or late at night; I was trying to jam pack in a few keys here or there with a 2-year-old hanging on my every move.  I realized; I love writing…but I don’t love being home 24/7.  God help me.

It takes a lot for someone to say, I’m jumping and trying this and seeing where it takes me.  I’m proud of myself for having the guts to give up a career I didn’t necessarily love to make a go at something I did, and I succeeded in so many ways.  Must.Have.Wine. A Toast to Motherhood has seen great successes, and currently, we are working with the editor that published the Chicken Soup for the Soul books to perfect our proposal for agents- hoping to publish a second edition of Must.Have.Wine. with a new, savvy wine pairing spin that will only a) give us more reasons to sample wine and b) separate us further from the pack of motherhood how-to’s and been-there’s (I’m actually most excited about a) if you’re curious).

While we work towards our next goals for Must.Have.Wine., I’m also working on my own personal piece.  It’s happening at a slow pace-which I never like but am finding that I enjoy it more when it’s not rushed.  And even if it takes me five years, I’ll finish it because I have to; the characters have embedded themselves in my brain and actually dream and wake and breathe along with me.  I’ll be excited for the day it comes to fruition.  I believe each step in writing; from the process itself of getting up each day and creating something…to finishing it, then to getting published are each their own successes.

And, because I’m psychotic, I’m also interviewing to enter back into the insurance world.  Why you ask?  Well, because being a stay-at-home mom is harder than being a working mom.  And, you get paid a lot more (dollar-wise anyway).  And, my sanity depends on socializing and having my independence.  With everything I learned this past year, and even beyond that- I’ve learned how to accept what my strengths (and weaknesses) are and thus be selective in the job interviewing process to make sure I find the best fit for me and the company I work for.

Hopefully, I’ll find something that will be a blessing to me and my family.  And then you’ll be reading once again about me balancing a full-time career, children…sports, writing, etc.  I believe that I traded one crazy life for another when I chose to stay home, and now I’ll be swapping them out again and hopefully getting my sanity back (and, possibly losing it again!) somewhere in the process of change.  ~Trina

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