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The one powerful hurdle keeping many of us from losing weight - Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

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the one powerful hurdle keeping many of us from losing weight

The one powerful hurdle keeping many of us from losing weight

Many of us know her. She’s constantly judging us for what we’re eating or not eating. She gets down on us hard core when we don’t make it to the gym or do the exercise video we’d planned on. Even if we choose something healthier than we’re used to, she criticizes us for not doing even better. She constantly reminds us that we have weight to lose and that we’re likely never gonna lose it. 

She honestly just doesn’t stop!


Losing weight and the 1 hurdle that stops many of us from succeeding


She is our negative inner critic.

In her book Naturally Thin, author Bethenny Frankel calls it food noise explaining that it “makes you feel powerless to change anything. Food noise is mean. Food noise makes you feel bad.” 

My inner critic is cray-cray! 

She’s pretty quiet in the morning but it doesn’t take her long to get revved up.

It could be as simple as deciding to move my workout to the afternoon. Oh, you’re never going to go if you plan on going later in the day. You might as well grab lunch out and forget about a successful day.

She often judges what I have for breakfast and adds harsh commentary on whether or not I put exactly one tablespoon of almond butter on my toast. Wait, what? Toast? She observes. That’s a carb. How dare you!!! Gees, you’re never ever going to lose weight at this rate!

She’s such a B!



But, she doesn’t stop there.  Oh, yeah. She’s with me all day and all night. When I manage to have a salad for lunch, her remarks about how I should’ve added more veggies or should’ve ditched my favorite dressing for the vegan DIY ranch dressing I saw on Pinterest yesterday.

Oh! And now that I have kids, she has to speak up about what they’re eating…even when they refuse to eat much of the healthier options I provide them.

Luckily, I’m pretty good at night. I don’t crave sweets and rarely feel like eating much past 4:00 pm. I can be an excellent healthy person then. But, that doesn’t mean she’s quiet. She’ll look back on my day and find any faults. She can look ahead at the coming day and tell my why I just won’t be able to make it work.

If it were up to her, I’d never lose weight. Ever. She’s exhausting.

Thankfully, we also have an inner advocate. She is our friend.

Bethenny calls her our food voice, “Your food voice is nice to you. It makes you feel good.”

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Since reading Naturally ThinI’m really starting to hear my food voice. Bethenny explains that our food voice “makes you feel great when you make smart food investments. It tells you what to eat based on what your body really wants, and it tells you when you’ve had enough, too.”

Over the last couple of weeks since I’ve started working really hard towards my weight loss goals, my food voice has actually told me I don’t want another glass of wine or that I really don’t want that soda. And… I listened!

When we were on our way to my son’s baseball game yesterday and my husband mentioned grabbing burgers (not a curry fan, he wasn’t too excited about the Crockpot Curry Chicken I’d made that day), my old self would’ve said with glee, let’s do it! But, my food voice spoke up and reminded me I’m really in this and a burger late at night would just make me feel gross and bloated and disgusting and give my food noise soooooooo much to harass me on over the coming hours. “No,” I said. “Let’s come home after the game and eat the chicken I made.”

I was proud of myself for listening to my inner voice. The good one. While it’s a long road ahead, I’m so happy to know the difference between the voice and the noise. With each day and directive I take from my voice, I know the noise will we hushed.

What is your food noise telling you? Are you hearing your food voice?


Wine delivered to my front door? Oh please, tell me more!


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Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Recipes | Wine | Tips & Tricks | Camaraderie | #momlife