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Our book cover: God closes one door and opens another

This entire process, I’ve prayed many things, but one consistently: “Lord, please open the right doors, and close the wrong ones.”

Writing a book isn’t easy.  If anyone has said that, I’d like to have a serious chat with them.  You look at the same sentence, over and over.  And you look at tons of them.  And you have them memorized.  And you dream them.  And pretty soon, you think you’re going crazy because you’re talking to yourself; speaking the words out loud when you don’t know anyone is listening.  By the time you decide you have the entire manuscript perfected, you read it a few weeks later and decide it was never perfect; you want to change it again.  It’s maddening, really.

The same goes for all the other “fun” decisions you have during the book writing process.  Deciding a title.  Deciding a font.  Deciding a logo. Deciding a cover.  Deciding the back panel, the bios, the acknowledgment.  Shoot me now, for I may drive myself over a cliff anyway after making all these important choices.

I think somewhere along the way, even the most perfection-driven people settle.  You’ve seen everything 500 different ways, and you decide, “It’s great.  It’s miles farther than it was when we started, and I think I just love it.” Translated into, “If I look at it one more time, I’m going to spew it all over you and everyone else.  We’re leaving it.”  Unprofessional?  Okay maybe.  But it’s reality and anyone who owns a business and is honest can attest to it.

I had inklings from the beginning the cover wasn’t right.  Leah, stating “Doesn’t it look like a child is being neglected?  That’s not our message!?”.  Mandy, a close friend; “It doesn’t look professional.” Another dear friend, Amber; no word…at first.  Which means she hates it and she’s trying to figure out how to tell you, nicely.  Friend and website designer, Anna; “It is a pretty picture, maybe we can add a border or something to make it better, or make more it professional.”  My friend, Iryna; “I don’t like it that much.  It reminds me of Gone With The Wind and it’s going to piss people off that you have a child next to you and you’re downing a glass of wine.”  Me?  I said; I like the picture, it’s pretty. People who know us will know we aren’t neglecting our kids and quite frankly the ones who don’t? Who cares? It may cause a ruckus that will only help book sales.  Lets just make it perfect. You see, I’m a tad bit stubborn that way…(and in my defense, there were many people who loved it.  It did look a lot better on the computer, before it was printed.)

So Leah, being the great business person she is, attempted.  In 1,000 different ways.  We had Anna work on it and we tried different approaches there too.  Leah tried again after that.  And our proof copy kept coming out blurry.  It’s the resolution, professionals say.  It’s this, or it’s that.  I say, it’s God. He’s telling Leah and I a very important message: I’m not blessing or standing behind a book that’s misleading or that people could construe as child neglect or alcoholism. I’ll open the doors for you, choose the right ones, and you shall have a cover that will allow you to sell many books.

Okay, okay!  I hear you. 

People could argue that by having wine in the book, God wouldn’t support me anyways.  I think that’s nonsense.  God has blessed my life in more ways then you could imagine, and I’m a widely proclaimed wine drinker.  Whether it was simply to sanitize the water or not, plenty of wine was drank in the biblical days…I don’t care the actual percentage of alcohol content.  We all make mistakes, we all sin…and I think that by being myself and admitting to who I am not only as a mother but simply as a person; I’m much more likely to reach people when I thank God for my blessings than someone who’s pretending to be someone their not; or judging other people when they openly sin…because in their eyes other’s sins are much greater than theirs.  Not in God’s, I say!

To shorten up a post that could go on for days, I say this.  I thank God first and foremost for closing a door, and opening another.  I thank my friends for being honest and helping us see the light.  We now have the cover in the hands of a few professional design people and hope that one is as passionate as we are about the project and wants to make something amazing for us.  I’m listening this time, God…I’ve learned one lesson too many during this process and stubborn pride?  Well it just has to go.  Thanks to everyone who’s supported us.  While the manuscript is ready to roll (we’re quite excited about it!), expect a change in the cover and the logo (the logo also came from the cover, and so therefore, it also prints blurry).  And expect an amazing change.  We are still in the final stages of publication, this is just a minor bump in the road we had to cross.  ~Trina


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