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Parent Teacher Conference

Your child is a very strong leader.

When I went to meet with Callie’s preschool teacher, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  Her being my first child, I was ready for anything.

With love and guidance, her spunk for life is going to take her far.

I can’t exactly speak for other parents, but I know for me, there’s nothing I want more than for my child to be a leader.

She has a way of negotiating with the other children, it’s a give and take, and while she does know how to get her way- she also knows how to correspond and share, building friendships and communicating in a positive way.

It’s important to me that she cares for other children, and doesn’t use her leadership skills to be the mean girl, but more to care for others and teach others how to be caring.  While I was popular in school and also a leader, I’ve always cared about how other people felt and what they thought.  Being a strong and determined person doesn’t mean you have to be in charge all the time or bossy.  The best leaders in my opinion are the ones who want to not only help themselves, but see other people happy as well and have a means of getting their way without anyone even knowing it.

Callie is unique in that most children begin writing with capital letters because they are easy. Small letters are harder to write as they take more control.  Callie writes her name with a capitol C, and the remaining letters lowercase, which shows me she’s going to be ahead of the game in kindergarten.  As she shows interest in things, that’s the best time to teach them.  

I thought about all the times I’d felt guilty for not working with her for hours on end, or pushed education to the point we both hated it.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Our children will be just fine, and we’re likely wonderful mothers who do plenty, and our kids will thrive.

It’s important to do things with your child other than stick a work book in front of her.  Cook in the morning, let her crack the eggs and mix the pancakes.  Check.  Read to her everyday. Check.  Love her.  Double check.  I’m not completely inept as a parent!  Hooray!

I see very few children like Callie.  She’s not only going to be a leader, she’s got a zest for life that infects everyone around her.  She amazes me everyday.

We ended the meeting with the teacher telling me about her daughter, also a very strong-willed, determined little girl.  She said she’d spanked her nearly every day of her life until she was four (which, made me feel better because she seems like super-mom and the type not to spank.  Callie doesn’t respond to time-out like she does to spanking).  She said she kept setting guidelines, and her daughter was stubborn enough to test them every time.  But eventually, she grew up to be a very successful young woman who loves and honors her mother.  Coincidentally, she stopped by while I was there to bring her mom coffee.  I smiled in glee, what a fabulous young woman she was.  And their relationship was clearly admirable…

I walked to my car with a gigantic smile on my face.  The meeting was a success. I know we’ll hit hurdles and road bumps…but I know I’ve done one thing right.  Thus far, I’ve raised a confident, exuberant little girl who’s going to take on this world like it’s nobody’s business.  Callie, I’m proud of you my love!

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