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Reason #28 • There’s a little competition in this mama!

Excerpt from Must. Have. Wine. A Toast to Motherhood

The Birth of a Competitive Mom

I’d seen it on TV with pageant moms and baseball dads.  I didn’t know I had it in me.  But suddenly, with my legs poised for the race, I had one mission.  GET.  LOTS.  OF.  EGGS. In my imagination, I held my son like an NFL running back with a football, heading for the end zone.  I don’t remember the ribbon coming down; I just remember blocking and ducking and kicking and scooping.  With about 30 eggs in my basket, I felt triumph!  We won!  I cheered with my son who could’ve cared less if we’d gotten 10 eggs.  I was proud.  Oh, the glory!

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