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Guest Post: Road tripping with your kids without the strife

Family road trips are the quintessential way to spend summer vacation. The weather’s warm, the road is open, and you and your kids are itching to get out of town. If you and your spouse are able to take a few weeks off from work this summer, you might be planning to spend them on the road with your kids. Road trips can be a whole lot of fun, but they are hardly ever perfect. Kids will be kids, and circumstances like car trouble do happen. Plus, a long trip in the car means a lot more family togetherness than you’re probably all used to. So, how do you road trip with your family and lose the strife? Here are some pointers:
1. Pack thoughtfully – Too many parents wait until the last minute before a road trip to pack. They shove all of their clothes in suitcases and then shove those suitcases in the back of the car and hit the road. An hour into the drive, they realize how useful it would have been to bring along some toys and other forms of entertainment for the kids. Kids get bored on road trips, and that’s a plain and simple fact. So, spend some time packing a few of their toys, and pack outfits for them based on the weather forecast of your destination.
2. Give everybody chances to stretch their legs – You and your kids are more likely to get grumpy and tired if you don’t stop every now and then and stretch your legs. It’s generally a good idea to stop every 2 or 3 hours to give everyone in the family a chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs and use the bathroom if necessary. Stopping will slow you down a little bit, but it can work wonders in terms of everybody’s moods.
3. Anticipate roadblocks – You may get a flat tire or your transmission may go out, of the driver may take a wrong turn somewhere. Things like this happen on road trips. So, don’t sweat it. There’ll be a mechanic down the road to help out, and the navigation feature on your phone will help you get back on the right track if you’re lost. As long as you do everything you can to keep your family safe on the road trip, chances are, you’ll stay safe and happy.
So, consider the three tips above, and have a memorable trip with your family. Your kids will never forget the family trips they took with you, so make fun your priority!
Author’s Bio: Logan is a guest blogger on the subjects of traveling with kids, traveling with pets, and when to consider your jet charteroptions. 

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