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Sister Wives ~ Paving the Way for Plural Marriage Acceptance?

Before I begin this article, I want to stress the fact I am indeed a Christian and while I’m not extremely religious or judgmental of others (and I hate being judged) this post isn’t about being controversial or my personal opinion on the subject.  It’s simply an article on a subject I’ve spoken with many women about.  I’m pretty open minded (closed minded people irritate the crap out of me) and I want to ignite your thinking as women and moms on a subject that’s becoming more discussed in our country.

Plural marriage.  When mentioned, most people don’t know what the term means.  We have all become accustomed to “polygamy”.   Whenever I hear it, I always think of Kody from Sister Wives saying, “love should be multiplied, not divided.”   I know many women who think…if the love in my house was multiplied, we’d be dividing (including myself)!  But what about other women?

The thing is—when some people contemplate polygamy, they think of Warren Jeffs; a pedophile who took on 12-year old wives and used “religion” as a means to fulfill his sick and twisted fantasies.  This unfortunately casts a dark cloud above the families who are practicing the healthier version of polygamy; taking multiple willing wives their own age and following a religion they’ve accepted as their own.

The truth to the matter is, not all plural marriage is practiced by perverts and pedophiles.  If you’ve seen Sister Wives…they seem quite normal. They generally don’t try to glamorize or pretend that their life is easy.  They admit to hardship and even go as far as saying they do question the lifestyle from time to time or their choice to adhere to it.  They all appear to be relatable.  Other than having more than one wife and several children in the family; they live their lives much like any other American family.

I have a friend who openly admits she’d entertain the idea of to taking on another wife for her husband.  She states that everyone is good at something; why not share responsibilities with someone that is better in an area where you’re lacking?  For example, imagine having someone to share the cooking with, the cleaning with—the chores in general?  Someone to help take some of that additional load off.  She feels differently than most women about sharing her husband partly because she doesn’t have an ounce of insecurity or jealousy in her.  She’s not even the teeniest bit competitive.  She’s completely secure with who she is, so I think part of that makes it possible to entertain sharing her family with someone, in exchange for something that potentially could make her life easier.

We also talked about sharing your bed with your husband, who’s also sharing his bed with someone else.  She shrugged.  You see, there was another responsibility that could be partially taken off her shoulders.  She thought it was great!  Who wouldn’t admit, having a sexually satisfied husband 24/7 would be wonderful…but it’s a lot of work to do yourself.

So why do women commit to taking on this controversial lifestyle? The wives on Sister Wives swear it’s for one another’s companionship…they didn’t just want the husband, they wanted the sister wives.  Maybe it goes back to having help with all the normal wife and motherly duties like my friend suggested?  Whatever it is; with Sister Wives broadcasting their lifestyle for all the world to see and our country becoming more accepting of things outside of the said bible’s practices—I’m believing we’re sure to see a lot more of it…like it or not.  ~Trina

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  1. Alan

    May 5, 2013 at 6:43 am

    It’s refreshing hearing apoint of view of inclusiveness over selfishness. I myself have entertained the need of plural marriages for highly successful and driven men. As much as I love my wife it’s hard to bear her many hours alone left to navigate life as I try to earn. Upon my return it would be lovely if she wasn’t so tired and overwhelmed. Because our society has become so economically challenging, I believe a well designed plural marriage can provide financial independence in a short matter of time with multiple incomes. I think the rejection of the principle of plural marriages have left many children fatherless and many women alone in their lives after child-bearing years. I think it also contributes to feminist poverty. The choice for women to say I prefer to be alone than have 25% of someone to help balance my life and help contribute to making stronger children by passing on my talents, gifts, and supervision , is the ultimate act of selfishness. The lack of commitment to improve humanity or the inability to understand our fundamental role is to procreate is in my belief the downfall of the world.

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