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Submit Your Story

Katrina and Leah have already begun the process of writing books #2, #3, and #4.  If you are interested in submitting a story to be published in one of their future books, please feel free to email them to

They are looking for the following types of stories:


  • What is it really like to be married?  The ups and the downs of being a WIFE. From keeping your husband content (and yourself sane) all the while taking care of your brood.  They are looking for those frustrating stories, those crazy stories…and the sweet and romantic stories too.

  • How does daddy enjoy a dad’s day out? Whether it be golfing, watching football, or hunting, we want to hear how he enjoys his days off.
  • Stories from you pregnant mommas, those moments when you can’t take in another moment of anticipation to meet your little one, or the crazy side affects pregnancy has on you. They are open to all types of stories!