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The Best Foods To Eat During Pregnancy – Guest Post from Zoe (UK)

Now that there are two mouths to feed and 300 extra calories a day in sight, it’s important to follow a healthy, balanced diet for both you and your baby. Those extra calories need to provide your baby with the nutrients it needs to keep developing and growing, and to put him or her in good stead for a healthy lifestyle. As well as eating well whilst pregnant, it’s important to get plenty of sleep before your little bundle arrives, and ensure your sleep is spent on a mattress that is firm, yet soft enough to accommodate your new curves. Also, continue with your regular exercise regime until you feel comfortable. Here we give you a varied list of “power foods” that will ensure you have a healthier, smoother pregnancy.

1. Leafy, green vegetables – a nutritional hero in your pregnancy diet, eat vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and spinach to provide you and your baby with a good intake of fibre, folic acid, vitamin C and calcium.
2. Yoghurt – yoghurt works great as a midday snack, and greek yoghurt with your favourite fruit is even better. Jam-packed with protein, calcium, potassium and folic acid, you can pick up a yoghurt at your nearest supermarket and eat on-the-go for mummies to be with busy lifestyles. Equally, blend with your favourite fruit to make smoothies. Yoghurts can also prevent stomach upsets and yeast infections due to all the “active cultures”, better known as good bacteria, so it gets a double thumbs up.
3. Porridge – a delicious way to get your fibre and iron intake, porridge is a great breakfast to start your day. Add blueberries and apples for a fruity twist, or banana and cinnamon for a bit more of a kick. Or just choose your favourite fruits and get making your own varieties!
4. Wholemeal bread, potatoes and rice – these make up a big part of your daily intake of calories, so go for wholemeal bread for toast and sandwiches, because wholemeal and wholegrain contain loads more vitamins, fibre and omega 3.
5. Avocados – this superfruit is packed full of vitamins, like B6, which can help with morning sickness, and plenty of folic acid, so it’s a great food to eat when you’re pregnant. Try avocado on salads, or spread on wholemeal toast for a great breakfast or snack.
6. Beans – a great source of protein for both you and baby, choose from a wide range. Our favourite is the edamame bean, as they are a yummy way of getting your intake of protein, calcium, folic acid and vitamins. They can be cooked with soups, casseroles and pastas or eaten on-the-go as a healthy snack.
7. Red peppers – containing lots of vitamins A, C and B6, red peppers and your favourite dip are another great snack to take around with you during the day. You can also chop them up and throw them into pasta dishes and stir-fries, or into your sandwiches and salads.
8. Kiwi – another superfruit to add to your pregnancy diet. Kiwis have just as much vitamin C as an orange, so it’s a great way to boost your C-vit intake, and keep your baby healthy and strong. Kiwis are also packed with folic acid and antioxidants to make you and your baby stronger at attacking viruses.

Zoe is an avid blogger and experienced freelance writer, and loves to share her knowledge through content on the internet. Zoe is currently writing on behalf of bed superstore Archers Sleep Centre.

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