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The roller coaster ride of Amazon reviews

Leah and I both knew that one of the hardest parts (other than the pure grueling nature of sowing seeds daily and not reaping the benefits for a loooooong time) of writing Must.Have.Wine. would be the possible negative feedback we’d get.  Writing is such a complex animal…and everyone has an opinion.  Literary agents call it “subjective”.  As an author myself, I’ll catch myself reading something and thinking, this isn’t that great, or, this is amazing-I can’t even call myself a writer after reading this. When you put your heart and soul into something for two years, you really don’t look forward to someone telling you it sucks.  Although, you have to expect it.  All, and I mean ALL the NY Times bestsellers have negative reviews.  So, once we published, we braced ourselves and prepared for the bumpy ride.

At first, it was mostly friends that posted reviews, so of course, those were amazing, 5-star glowing reviews.  Now that’s not to say that our friends didn’t love it-it just means that when the 5-star reviews started rolling in from people we didn’t know…we were elated.  And they kept coming, and coming-46 total to be exact.  We were sitting high, thinking…when is the bad one going to come?  We know it’s coming.

Finally, our first 3-star review came in: Stories aren’t really anything new but it is cute and any mom can identify. I have it on my phone and the short stories are great for when you are waiting in line.

I thought, well if that’s as bad as it gets, I’ll take it.  One of my favorite reviews, which I think nails the purpose of our book and really brings the emotion to why we wrote it:

Just got this book in the mail yesterday and have almost finished reading it. It is really great and I can’t imagine a mother reading this and not feeling comforted about herself and her parenting – I have! The authors really drive home the fact that we are all doing the best we can! What better way to celebrate that than indulging in some stories that make you laugh and warm your heart?

I can’t pick a favorite story – I think because some are going to ring truer for me in different ways on different days based on what is happening with my family. I especially love the funny ones though and will go back to them over and over to help lift me up on my toughest days as a mommy. For example, if my son embarrasses me with a tantrum in a public place – they’ve got a story for that! Or those times when I’m so tired I can hardly think…they’ve got a story for that! And the days when I need to hear that I’m not the only mom that has resorted to saying things I wish I could take back…thank goodness they have some of those!

Buy this book – you won’t regret it! It is a must have for your parenting library. It is not a “How To”…it is a “You are already doing great” kind of book and those are just as important! It will make a great gift for your girlfriends that are moms too!

and a few more awesome reviews:

 Love this book! A collection of inspiring and funny stories to remind us, moms, that we are doing a great job and nobody’s perfect! Reshreshing look on motherhood in this crazy overcompetitive world where we all sometimes get caught in a rat-race and forget to simply enjoy every day. Good job authors!

As the mother of 4 young children, I have read my share of parenting books. This one is different! It talks about all the subjects that no one talks about even though we all experience them. It leaves you with a great feeling. You’ll know that you are a successful mother after reading book because it emphasizes the fact that YOU are a great mom. I can’t wait to read the next book…..

I loved this book, at times throughout the book I had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. Completely related to many of the stories!

Of course…when there are 53 reviews, there are plenty to check out.  Here were a few of the tougher ones- our lowest rating is 3-star- here they are for you…

This book is light and entertaining but the same kids and families are mentioned over and over. Some of the moments they thought were hilarious I didn’t think were that funny. It is great for cheap, Mommy read to know you are not alone in what you are going through but its not all that entertaining.  (I have to admit I’m confused.  Her first line states this book is light and entertaining, but the last line says “not all that entertaining”.  Sometimes, you have to take the negative reviews with a grain of salt! 🙂

 ok not the best but not the worst….but considering it was free not complaining!!! I found it funny and some what poetic! (for a three star review…it could say worse!)

At the end of the day, being an author is like anything else.  You have to build thick skin and learn how to not give a shit about the naysayers and focus only on the positive.  And, like anything else in life…this is difficult.  Luckily I have a great…amazing writing partner to center me on this subject.  And together, we help eachother realize that 53 reviews six months into this process (compared to other author’s books…and successful ones might I add!) is something to be proud of.  Cheers!   ~Trina


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