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The Wedding of a Lifetime

I understand completely that when two people get married, it should be forever.  And I know that while each wedding is unique-they all should give you this glowing sense of approval; the love radiating from the couple so clearly that you’re just sure in this world plagued by divorce-they’ll be the couple that does make it.

52% of couples get divorced, or at least that’s one of the statistics on the insurmountable number of marriages that fail.  So it’s hard to not think to yourself at each wedding…I wonder if they’ll be a couple that makes it.  I wonder if they’ll be able to withstand the test of time; be able to overcome the changes they’ll encounter as individual people and as a couple? Will they be able to ride the roller coaster of falling in and out of love with one another, as many successful couples do?  Is it possible they can keep that fire burning deep inside, even after the spark begins to fade and the light is nearly impossible to see?

I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to go to my friend Rachel’s wedding in Phoenix this past weekend, solo.  My husband stayed home with the kids, and I got to head to warmer weather and sun-filled skies.  To say I was elated was an understatement.  Plus, Rachel and I’ve been friends since like eighth grade.  She’s the IMG_1410kind of friend you can not talk to for two years, and pick right back up where you left off.  The minute I showed up to the salon where she was getting ready on Friday prior to the wedding-we did just that.  We talked of old times and her excitement (and lack of nervousness) for her pending nuptials.  I also reminisced with her family, which quickly felt like my family once again.  It was so magical, even sitting there in that salon…watching one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met get ready to be married to the love of her life.  It all just flowed, as most weddings don’t do.

After she was whisked off for pictures, I headed to my nice (and quiet, might I add) villa room and enjoyed a glass of wine while I prepared for the ceremony.  I thought about how relaxed Rachel was.  She knew she was marrying the man of her dreams, and nothing else really mattered.  It was almost crazy to see a bride so laid back and just IMG_1392ready to be with her family and friends; to enjoy a party that signified really only a piece of paper to the couple.

When I got to the wedding, I did a thing I love most-people watched.  I was intrigued to see the group of friends the couple spent their time with.  They were all these beautiful, amazing people.  And when I say beautiful, I don’t mean bleached blonde hair, eyelash extensions, muscular pecs and amazing tans.  I mean, normal, everyday, awesome people who laugh and hug, and genuinely care if the person next to them is having a good time.  The laid-back aura had continued to the actual wedding, and I was astonished.  Most ceremonies start with a staunch feel of stress, the unspoken expectation that you have to be quiet and proper and sit up straight in the pews and discreetly wipe that drip of sweat that’s already forming on your forehead.  You look around wondering who, in this sea of black, white and formal dresses, you will be forced to talk to later.  Not at this wedding.  Immediately I was surrounded by their friends and family, wanting to introduce themselves or tell me my dress looked nice, or just talk in general.  It was so relaxing, I almost forgot I was at a wedding.

Soon I was in awe again; as the bride walked down the aisle. She could have been a model for any bridal magazine, hands down.  But it wasn’t her beauty that surprised me- I’m used to that.  It was the peace on her face the minute she saw Heath…and the tears that fell from his eyes when he saw her.  It was breathtaking.  And as she arrived at the end of the aisle to greet her future husband, she wiped away his tears ever so softly.  Who couldn’t help starting to cry at that moment? Definitely not me.

My amazement continued throughout the reception.  I watched closely as Heath and Rachel danced together; already a unit formed into one soul, swaying together as if they’d been born for this moment.  Even when they parted to talk to friends or family, you felt the other’s presence, as if they carried one another with them wherever they went. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I’d seen true love but nothing like this…not in my entire life.

The following day, I congratulated Rachel on not only finding the true love of her life, but finding an everlasting…one of a kind connection that everyone prays for but few are blessed enough to find.  Whether it be her waiting till she was in her thirties, not being in a rush…or just being picky overall (or all the above); it worked.

I left Arizona knowing I’d not only witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love; I’d also seen a couple that I knew without a doubt wouldn’t become another divorce statistic; Rachel and Heath will be one of the few that stand the true test of time.  And, I couldn’t be more elated for her.   ~Trina

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