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Who Said Moving Can Be Stressful?

After all, I am a pro.

Not only will this be my 10th state to move to, I’ve probably moved a couple of times in half of those states. So you get rid of the excess, debate with your husband on what is worthy of getting rid of (select precious newborn outfits from when our babies were so new or his 20-year-old microwave from college that has several groovy stickers on it), pack it all up and load it into a truck.  In a way, this is one way to really “spring clean.”  Otherwise, I don’t think I would’ve found the energy to sort through all of our closets and drawers in an effort to simplify.

So what does make moving so stressful?  Is it the money?  You have to cancel your cable and electric and while you’re waiting 6-8 weeks for those deposits to be returned; we’re paying deposits on our new cable and electric.    Then we’re trying to eat up all the perishables in the house.  But doesn’t that mean when we get there, we’ll have to stock our fridge again with our usual salad dressings, ketchup, honey mustard, butter, and pina colada mixer?

And then there are all of the questions.  How quickly do I want to find work?  And where?  How soon will I start the boys in preschool? And where?  When can I get them into swim lessons?  Where will I grocery shop?  Get gas?  Can I start new routines right off the bat?  New bedtime routines?  New expectations? We

Our dog is tweaking out.  With each box packed he’s looking at us for reassurance that we are indeed bringing him (and we wouldn’t have it any other way!).  Our kids, especially Luke, says things like “I can’t wait to move to Florida! Does Batman live in Florida?” one minute; “I don’t want to move to Florida, I want Florida to go away” the next.

As I get closer to the move, there is the rush of sadness in realizing I am leaving behind good friends.  Picture this movie-style…as I drive by (rain pouring down my window) the parks we’ve played at, the beaches we swam at and the libraries we read – I can hear a little Natalie Merchant playing in the background as I hear the echoes of laughter with my friends as we talked about the crazy things our kids are always doing. In the excitement of the big move, the “we’ll see you soon” disclaimer always seemed to make me feel better.  At least I go with a great feeling that I have great friends here!  And there have been so many great times here!

No wonder I snapped at the hubster the other night when the DVR forced him into choosing between Intervention and Smash.  Just about to climb into bed for a good night’s sleep, excited about catching Smash the very next morning; I saw the DVR message light up the screen asking him the question “Zac, which one will you delete?” – I darted out to the living room, jumping over the couch – well, almost – “what are you doing, which one are you about to delete?!”  He looked at me stunned, most likely thinking this is just TV.  I grabbed the remote and swiftly cancelled Intervention.  And I stormed off to bed.

The next morning we chalked it up to unusual behavior based by stress from our move.  I’ve seen a few of these moments like these.  And I wondered why I could get so worked up.  How can I possibly be “stressed.”  This is a good thing, overall, this move. So I made a list, I’m going to stick by it and enjoy my last week here in Charleston.  Taking time to breathe and just live in the day.  One day at a time.  Nothing crazy.  It’s just a move.  No stress here.  And if you believe me, you should try it sometime!   

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