Wine Review: 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend

My friend Laura loves this wine.  And because I’m not a huge red lover, I was hesitant to tryHot to Trot Pic it.  I prefer a sweet white to a red any day normally, but have noticed recently I’m slowly crossing over to the other side. My palate is asking for something a little more bold, a little less sweet…a bit more flavor and diversity.  While I’d sipped this wine before, I’d never actually sat down and had a glass with dinner.  I’m learning how food completely changes a wine-from the way it tastes to even bringing out the smells.  I decided this one was a winner!


Must. Have. Wine. Mommy-Approved Score: 4 STARS

Price: $9 – $12

Where I found it: Liquor Store

Reviews from wine experts:

From “This polished, ripe and stylish red features cherry, orange peel and black tea flavors that glide easily over refined tannins, balanced with refreshing acidity. Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre.”


Chateau Ste. Michelle, the Washington state multi-national that does the 14 Hands, is on a roll. It placed four brands in the top 20 in a recent survey of best-selling $10 wines, only one less than E&J Gallo and as many as Constellation and The Wine Group (which does Cupcake) combined. That’s a very Rocky-like performance given how powerful its competitors are.

Equally as impressive is that a 14 Hands wine is a wine of the week for the second time this year (despite this one’s very silly name). I try not to do that sort of thing, but it’s difficult to overlook 14 Hands’ combination of quality and value. Which, no doubt, is why Chateau Ste. Michelle sells so much wine.

The Hot to Trot ($9, purchased) is a red blend – mostly merlot, syrah and cabernet sauvignon – that is simple but well made. It doesn’t try to do too much, and it doesn’t taste like winemaker Keith Kenison used his chemistry set to take it in any one direction. Look for some spice and lots of black fruit and that earthy Washington state feel, especially in the back.

Very nicely done for the price, and should please anyone who wants a glass of red wine but doesn’t want to make a big issue of it. Pair it with basic red wine food like meat loaf and mashed potatoes.


From the Hot to Trot Site:

This approachable and easily enjoyable red wine offers generous aromas of berries, cherries and currants. A plush framework of soft tannins supports the red and dark fruit flavors that leisurely give way to subtle notes of baking spice and mocha on the finish.

Cheers! Trina

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