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Carlos Rossi Sangria Wine

Wine Review: Carlo Rossi Sangria

You like wine. So do we. Let's Be Friends. First Bottle On Us.

Okay ya’ll, I know you want to judge.  Yes, this comes in a 4-liter jug.  It also comes in a 3 liter, and 1.5 liter jug…but that doesn’t make it bad.  Actually, this wine is one of my favorites.  It’s cheap, ranging from $11 to $13 for the 4 liter jug.  So, rather than spending $20 on a bottle of wine each night, I decided to give this a try when my friend recommended it.  


Carlos Rossi Sangria wine review Pinterest pin


I found out later on, it’s actually quite popular due to taste and pricing with the younger generation; the ones that care more about price than looking savvy.  It actually goes quickly in liquor stores, I’ve been plenty of times when they were sold out.  While all our reviews aren’t going to be on jugs or boxes of wine-you can expect some.  Especially with us touting the fact we’re relatable mommas.


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Mommoisseurs Mommy-Approved Score: 5 STARS

Price: $11.99-12.99

Where I found it: Liquor Store


From the Carlo Rossi Website:

Sangria is traditionally a social wine. You can enjoy its bright flavor as is or add slices of your favorite fruit, let it marinate and then serve it at your next fiesta.

A gift from the Spanish or the Portuguese depending on who you believe, traditional Sangria is a tasty combination of ripe citrus fruits, brandy, and honey best served cold.

Food Pairing: Sangria is paired perfectly with spicy food or soft cheeses

Cheers! Trina




 Affordable wine delivered to my front door?!! Oh please, tell me more!

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    March 16, 2016 at 10:42 am

    it’s also good mixed with brandy!

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