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Wine Review: Relax Riesling - Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

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Relax Riesling Reviews & Prices

Wine Review: Relax Riesling

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Well my trusted and true friend Amber reminded me of this wine awhile back.  For some reason, I had it in  my head I didn’t love this wine.  But, after picking up a bottle to do this review and drinking the entire thing (in one sitting, mind you),  I was sitting there wishing I’d had bought two bottles.  So, this one is definitely a winner!


Wine reviews for the modern mom Relax Riesling


Must. Have. Wine. Mommy-Approved Score: 4.0 STARS

Price: $10-$13

Where I found it: Liquor Store


Relax Riesling Reviews Glass of Relax Riesling Prices


Reviews from wine experts:

Review from Wine-Tasting_Reviews.com: The taste of this light-bodied German Riesling consists primarily of pears and apples. It’s medium-sweet and has very smooth, low acidity. This isn’t a ‘fine wine,’ but it’s a decent wine for everyday drinking and relaxing with. Relax Riesling is also usually a pretty good value for the money. I would personally prefer it if the wine were a bit more acidic because that would make it more balanced when drinking it alone, but the low acidity probably makes it more appealing to more people.

Review from Wineforthecheap.com: It was sweet and grapey, reminding me a lot of the Bartles and James wine coolers my girlfriend used to drink in college. That, or perhaps like something I should be drinking from a foil pouch with a plastic straw. After that, I went Christmas caroling with my neighbors in the December cold, and I have to admit I did feel pretty relaxed.


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Review from Fermentedreviews.com: On the plus side there are some moderately strong fruit notes for your taste buds, (I didn’t quite get apples and peaches, more like tropical fruit). It also has a fruit like sweetness, but not overpowering, the Zin crowd will be happy. On the downside, there is no real fruit notes, (apples, peaches or citrus for that matter) for you nose to enjoy. There was also a slight mineral/metallic aftertaste. Not pronounced but there nonetheless. Still, if it’s well chilled a relatively nice summer wine on a hot day.

From the Relax site:

Winemaker’s Notes: Slightly dry with an enticing fruity bouquet, it shows intense flavors of apples and peaches with a hint of citrus. Serve chilled.

Pairing Ideas: Seafood, salads, poultry & spicy dishes.

Cheers! Trina


Relax Riesling Reviews Bottle of Relax Riesling


Affordable wine delivered to my front door?!! Oh please, tell me more!
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