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Wine Review: Yellow Tail Pinot Noir - Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

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Yellow tail pinot noir wine review

Wine Review: Yellow Tail Pinot Noir

Thanksgiving gifts and favors


Pinot Noir, I think I love you. I’ve spent the last year enjoying glasses of malbec, shiraz, and a few grenaches. Maybe I had a bad pinot noir at some point that I just thought I didn’t like it. But after the Lulu B Pinot, a glass I had at a local restaurant and now this one; I may just have a new favorite red!  With that said, I liked it a lot, but not as much as I loved the Lulu B Pinot Noir, so I give this a drinkable and good 3.5 stars.


yellow tail pinot noir red wine review

Mommoisseurs Mommy-Approved Score: 3.5 STARS

Price: $5 – $10

Where I found it: Walmart, Target, Publix

Reviews from wine experts:

Review from Viewpoints.com: Not only is it the glass of wine that consistently tastes great with everything from steak on special occasion’s to pizza/salad with family and friends, but it is the glass of wine that is affordable for those of us that don’t feel comfortable spending lots of money on eating and drinking when it is not a special occasion. Ironically, I must have the same taste as my friends because I notice that Yellow Tail Pinot Noir is the bottle of wine sitting on most of my friends kitchen counters. You can not argue with a great tasting bottle of wine like Yellow Tail Pinot Noir. It is a great value and pairs with all your favorite foods. That is why I would recommend Yellow Tail Pinot Noir to anyone looking to try a glass of wine once in a while when enjoying a casual dinner with family and friends.

Review from ThunderRoad Wine & Spirits site: Pinot Noir has aromas of coffee, chocolate and ripe raspberries. Great berry fruits and spicy oak on the nose are enhanced by underlying dark cherry aromas.


The Best Wine Is Delivered Wine

Review from First Pour Wine blog: It’s been a fairly rough run for Pinot Noirs on First Pour Wine.  Despite the best efforts to find good value under $10, it’s proven one of the few noble grape wines to not receive a recommended status (the other being Merlot).  This will be the 3rd pinot from a 3rd continent.  While Yellow Tail generally brings cheap wine to the masses, Pinot can be a tricky problem.  Do they rise to the challenge?

Sight:  Transparent ruby and slight brick color to the edge.  Purple core.

Smell:  Strawberries, currants, under ripe cherries, and a touch of mocha.  Something citrusy?

Sip:  Bright start of cranberry maneuvering into strawberries and cherries.  The mouth feel is strangely heavy for a Pinot Noir.   It’s oddly over acidic as well. [A.B.V. 13.5%]

Savor:  A pleasant black currant undertone.  Fades after a short time.

Overall, it’s just not as elegant as is normally expected of Pinot Nior. All of the tasters found something bizarrely bright in the wine nose and mouth feel, such as orange, gooseberry, or an under ripe kumquat.  Aside from the quirks, it wasn’t bad.  It’s definitely not a go to daily drinker, but it could fulfill other uses.  Like being around for cocktails…

From the Yellow Tail site:

Winemaker’s Notes: Vibrant cherry and raspberry flavors. Earthy notes add complexity to the well-balanced tannins in this lively Pinot Noir wine. Long flavorful finish.

Pairing Ideas: Mild cheese, sandwiches, BBQ, beef, pork, veal, heavy pasta, poultry, seafood.

Cheers! Leah

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Mommoisseurs : Recipes | Wine | Camaraderie

Recipes | Wine | Tips & Tricks | Camaraderie | #momlife